Virag International has invented a new generation of Reactive Dyes with favorable modifications in chemical structure to have better exhaustion, brighter shades and good overall fastness properties. They have been modified to have moderate sensitivity to various dyeing conditions and to give best result for level dyeing.
In addition to the conventional Reactive Dyes, Virag International has 7 flagship series, each tailor made to suit the user.



High Colour Strength Chromophore with Modified Functional Reactive Groups


Long hard hours by our in house R&D Team has enabled us to develop an entire range of dyes, which is a rare combination of higher exhaustion and excellent levelness, the dream of any dyeing house. This series, by far, is the best available series of Reactive Dyes for colouration of cellulose fiber. The unique property of higher exhaustion significantly reduces the impact of COD, BOD, colour as well as Total Dissolved Solids in effluent generated.

The Ultra Rubine VGB, designed by our R&D Team, is a primary colour, ie. thecolour shade is due to its own chemical structure and it has absolutely no mixing of any other product in any form. We are probably the only company in the textile industry to have manufactured Ultra Rubine VGB as a primary colour.

  • The Ultra VGB Series is a high colour chromophore and modified functional reactive groups.
  • It reduces the amount of dyestuff consumption by upto 40%.
  • Extremely valuable for achieving deep and critical shades, such as Olive Green, Dark Brown, Burgundy with low dyestuff consumption.
  • Ultra VGB Series is compatible for tri-chromatic shades for light to dark shade dyeing.
  1. Ultra Yellow VGBN
  2. Ultra Red VGB
  3. Ultra Navy VGB
  4. Ultra Rubine VGB



High Fixation Dyes for Deep Shade Dyeing with Brightness


HB Reactive Dyes has been developed to keep pace with the increasing market requirements for cost effective dyeing for deep as well as bright shades. These newly developed dyes are focused on cost reduction and quality stability along with good overall fastness properties which is a customer’s ultimate interest.

HB range of dyes is located in superior position to other manufacturers’ new ranges promoted for deep shade dyeing as well as conventional ranges.

  • Extremely high build-up
  • Can reduce dyestuff consumption by upto 50%
  • Good washing-off property
  • Good compatibility and low sensitivity
  • Good overall fastness
  • As a trichromatic system, each element of HB range shows similar fixation speed, assuring “on-tone” fixation during the entire fixation duration.
  1. Yellow HB
  2. Red HB
  3. Navy Blue HB



Extra Fixation Dyes for Deep Shade with Novel Molecule


EVN Series is a result of intense research at our in-house labs. The unique property of the novel series is the orientation of heterogeneous reactive groups in molecules, to have extra fixation resulting in deep shade with economy. The high solubility of molecule ensures level dyeing with excellent reproducibility, an aspiration of the production floor.

Earth tone and sensitive shades are so-called tertiary colours in chromatics. It is very difficult to reach the Right First Time (RFT) production with a normal trichromatic combination. In practice, any process is always subject to errors associated with the equipment and the technique used, and hence the final product will vary in quality. EVN Series, based on tertiary colors, is designed to provide the RFT solution for earth tone and sensitive shades in textiles.

The unique properties of EVN Series, coupled with high solubility is attributed to untiring hard work and technical aptitude of team VIRAG.

  • Extremely high build up property
  • High solubility of molecule resulting in level dyeing
  • Good overall fastness property
  • Economical RIGHT FIRST TIME production

The newly developed EVN Series molecules are advanced reactive dyes suitable for exhaust dyeing at 64 °C to produce extra deep shades. The team put in a great deal of hard work for orientation of high strength chromophore to have deep shade with economical savings, as desired by our customers.

Each molecule of Yellow, Red, Blue and Orange possess extra solubility to give levelling property as well as good reproducibility. The critical shades like burgundy, dark brown and dark olive are easily achieved at very cost effective value, as compared to commodity bi-functional dyes.

The individual as well as combination shades made with EVN Series dyes, possess high overall fastness properties to meet international buying house requirements. Each molecule is compatible for tri-chromatic combination shade to produce level dyeing, an ultimate requirement for a production floor.





We understood the exact need of the customer of requiring different tones in Blacks, a reddish and the other greenish. We have developed these products to perfection and are able to meet all our customers’ every requirement.

All our products pass the strictest guidelines set by any buyer viz. absence of banned amines. The products possess excellent wash fastness, water fastness, wet rubbing fastness, light fastness and acid/alkali perspiration fastness properties of factor 3-4 at 8% shade which is hardly possible with any of the other products available.

  1. Jet Black PVG
  2. Ultra Black VN
  3. Ultra Black KN
  4. Intense Black ED
  5. Black WNN



Very High Fixation Dyes with Dischargeability


VD Series dyes have been developed to attend to increasing demand of dyes possessing additional discharge property.

The newly developed VD Series dyes satisfy the exact requirements of our wide range of esteemed global consumers. These dyes possess well desired white discharge property, coupled with very good wash fastness as well as light fastness.

VD Series is designed especially to possess certain salient features.

  • Extremely high build up property
  • Can be used from light to dark shade
  • Good washing-off property
  • Good overall fastness property

VD Series dyes are highly recommended for discharge dyeing, with additional benefit of tri-chromatic combination to produce thousands of shades with extra brightness.

Features Benefit for customers
Perfect white discharge The VD Series produces perfect white discharge with cost effective dyeing
Extremely high build-up Deep shade dyeing resulting from high concentration dyestuff to result in economical recipe
Good compatibility and low sensitivity Good levelling and reproducible dyeing
  1. Yellow VD
  2. Red VD
  3. Navy Blue VD
  4. Orange VD



Our Exclusive Printing Range


The P Series dyes are highly suitable for printing cellulosic fabric. P Series dyes are suitable for steaming as well as alkali pad-batch method.

  1. Reactive Yellow P4G
  2. Reactive G. Yellow P3R
  3. Reactive Orange P2R
  4. Reactive Red P2B
  5. Reactive Red 24
  6. Reactive Navy Blue P2R
  7. Reactive Blue P3R
  8. Reactive T. Blue G (300%)
  9. Reactive Violet P3R
  10. Reactive Black PGR





The HE dyes are suitable for dyeing at higher temperature of around 80-85 °C. The dyes are suitable for exhaust dyeing of cotton yarns and cotton fabric. Desired high levels of wash and water fastness can be achieved.